olayiwola akintolure

November 28, 2023

My wife and I recently moved to Bristol from Sunderland. Prio to this time, we’ve heard about the challenge of getting an apartment in Bristol. In fact, we’ve been to different rentals offices and gone for several viewing, the same response (unfortunately, unfortunately). Until, some of my colleagues recommended The Letting Shop. I was at their office, one early morning, and narrated my ordeal to one of their staff. She said once my wife and I meet the criteria, that’s it. We paid the required holding deposit of which some people had claimed, it’s a scam. In less than one week, after submitting the required documents. We got a yes response. We couldn’t believe it! Till now, it’s like a dream. Sentiment apart, The Letting Shop is the best! Very straightforward organization, friendly staff and environment, always patient to hear your story, and willing to help. Kudos to all the staff!

Thanks and Regards.
Olayiwola & Damilola Akintolure.

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